So, you want to join the board of directors...

Congratulations on taking one of the biggest steps to help Pride Durham continue to thrive. Pride Durham is operated by a board of volunteers. The board listens to the community and makes decisions about how to run the organization. The board is also in charge of planning and running every Pride event.

It is a big responsibility, but it is truly rewarding! Furthermore, it is a great way to give back to Durham's LGBTQ+ community and network with some of the region's most influential and important people.

Joining the board is easy - all you have to do is be a current member, attend our AGM, and voice your desire to run for a spot. If you get enough votes, you're in!

Please note:

- You must be at least 18 years old to join the board of directors

- You will be required to complete a vulnerable sector police record check with the DRPS (Pride Durham will cover the cost)

- Everyone is welcome, regardless of your gender identity, ability, job, or sexuality (yes, heterosexual/cisgender allies are 100% welcome)

- You must be a paid member to join the board

- This is a volunteer board, you will not be paid for your work

- The majority of board meetings take place weeknight evenings - if you are not available weeknight evenings, consider getting involved with Pride Durham in a different way

- Board members are expected to be responsible, reliable, respectful team players


Please complete the form below If you have any questions or concerns about joining the board and would like help from a current board member

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