InsideOut Film Festival

Presented in partnership with We Are Oshawa, Durham Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, and Durham Regional Labour Council.

Check out a selection of short films from Toronto's InsideOut Film Festival that address issues surrounding sexuality, gender identity, bullying, and intersectionality.

AN AFTERNOON — Denmark | 2014 | 9:00 | PG

Dir. Søren Green
Mathias is in love with his friend Frederik but it too afraid to make a move. Frederik, however, has a secret of his own.

Danish with English subtitles

BITTERSWEET — USA | 2015 | 4:00 | G
Dir. Allen Martsch
Jason, a shy teen, reluctantly writes a heartfelt candygram to his crush, Armando, but loses his courage and changes his mind. Fate, however, might have other plans in store.


FIRST CLUE — USA | 2014 | 7:00 | PG
Dir. Susan Sullivan
First Clue poses the question, “What was your rst clue you were a lesbian?” The answers reveal that, before you knew, you had a clue.


HANDSOME & MAJESTIC — Canada | 2015 | 12:00 | PG
Dir. Jeff Petry and Nathan Drillot
Handsome and Majestic follows Milan, a trans teenager who overcame hardships and discrimination to become a trans right advocate and role model.

A PLACE IN THE MIDDLE — USA/Fiji | 2014 | 25:00 | PG
Dir. Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson
A Place in the Middle is the true story of Ho’onani, an 11-year- old girl who dreams of leading the hula troupe at her in- ner-city Honolulu school. The only program is that the group is for boys.

TOPICS COVERED Gender Identity, Bullying 

VERACITY — USA | 2015 | 20:00 | PG
Dir. Seith Mann
Popular girl Olivia is inadvertently outed by her friends after she develops feelings for the new girl at her high school.


HOUSE NOT HOME — USA | 2015 | 15:00 | PG
Dir. Joshua Butler
House Not Home is a firsthound account of Terran, an African-American gender fluid teenager navigating bullying, violence and rejection from their father and peers.

TOPICS COVERED Gender Identity

LIVING IN THE OVERLAP — USA | 2014 | 28:00 | PG
Dir. Mary M. Dalton and Cindy Hill
For over 40 years, Lennie and Pearl have shared a passion for social justice and for each other. Now, the indelible spark of their love inspires many others as they fight for their right to marry in North Carolina.


LOOKS — Germany | 2014 | 3:00 | G
Dir. Susann Hoffmann
Looks tells the story of a gray lynx that doesn’t quite t into a world of colourful animals. He’s being excluded and bullied by the coloured animals. On his search for acceptance and belonging he nds himself resorting to drastic measures. G


PASSING — Canada | 2015 | 22:00 | PG
Dir. Lucah Rosenberg-Lee
Passing profiles three trans men of colour, exploring what life feels like for a black man when no one knows he is transgender.

TOPICS COVERED Gender Identity